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Kelsey Serht is an Aesthetician, skin care coach and blogger with a passion for beauty, skin care, and the science behind it all.


Kelsey has been featured by various skin care companies such as Lightstim, iecsc, Truth Treatments and Obagi Medical to name a few.

Kelsey believes that skin care is more than just skin deep, and she applies her lifelong passion of aesthetics toward transforming her clients’ skin from the inside-out, so they look and feel their best. Kelsey specializes in medical grade skincare and services, testing beauty products from all over the world & discovering which skin care products are clinically proven to be most effective. 

Kelsey was inspired to create The Modern Esthetician 3 years ago, where she provides professional opinions on what’s paramount in skin care & also helps results-driven estheticians get a foot in the door & build their dream career. 

A Modern Esthetician is a woman who leans into her position as a leader in the industry. She is driven, passionate, & is a spearhead in the movement towards results-based esthetics.

Being a Modern Esthetician is also about being the best you can possibly be, and co-creating your life. Kelsey’s vision for creating The Modern Esthetician is to see all esties who are so passionate about this work succeed and make the world better as a result.