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Skincare is my foundation.



How it started:

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It all began in the product room...
As a clinically trained esthetician who has customized thousands of skincare routines; I have learned that no amount of botox, filler, or facial procedures will provide the same results a skincare routine can. I know the struggle of finding skincare products that create results. 
There are a million of products to choose from, every skincare company says something different, and you end up more confused than from when you started. It became my mission to simplify how a results-driven skincare routine is built. 


*All other products to be considered once the foundation is implemented  to accomplish ultimate results.

Skincare is my foundation.

Skin health is important, it affects our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The goal is simple, I want to help everyone build a skincare foundation that supports ultimate skin health and radiance.

A good skincare foundation equals results.

Kelsey's story

Hello! My name is Kelsey, the esthetician behind The Modern Esthetician.

I went to school at 19 to become an esthetician, with the intention of working for a dermatologist so I could learn how to create real results for people. Having struggled with acne at a young age, I learned how hard it is to feel confident that no amount of makeup can alleviate the pain and insecurity that acne has on self-esteem.

This gave me a strong calling to find a solution, not only for myself, but for anyone who struggles with skin insecurities.

I found not only a career, but my passion in life. I began my journey as a product specialist at an established medical spa and worked my way to the top, eventually becoming a manager.

I have never forgotten where I started, but by far my best contribution was in the product room, where I helped thousands of people achieve their skincare goals.

Skincare became an outlet for personal self-love and realizing the importance of a solid foundation for healthy skin. It also became the foundation for a successful career, and thus my motto 'Skincare is my foundation' was born.

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