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Dry into Supple Skincare Routine

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How to use:

Moisturize within a minute after cleansing your skin.

What does this mean and how can this help?

When skin is wet it absorbs Moisturizers more effectively, because damp skin absorbs the product more readily. That also gives the moisturizer the chance to lock in that hydration.



If you find that your routine takes too long for that to work (or you use other products between cleansing and moisturizing that need time to absorb), you can try spritzing on a bit of face mist before moisturizing.



Consider using a facial oil on top of—but not in place of—your moisturizer.

While facial oils can be great at soothing dry and irritated skin, they’re usually not enough to replace a standard moisturizer. “Moisturizers contain humectant ingredients that draw water molecules into the skin, while oil-based products contain emollient ingredients that merely treat the skin on a surface level

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