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Find your niche,

find your impact!

We were all put on this planet to do something unique. I truly believe that.

Everyone has a special skill or passion that could change the world, if only you would drop the self-doubt and give your gift! 

When you dive into your passion and discover that gift...that's when you can start to change lives.

This is why I tell EVERYONE I teach to get specific about what they do.

Are you in love with skincare? Do you obsess about brows?

That obsession is a compass that is pointing directly towards your life's purpose. 

That love is what will skyrocket your career. 


Our passion is the guidance system that drives us towards our purpose in life. We have a DUTY to follow our deep-down drives. For most of us, that means becoming the best version of your esty self.


When passion and career 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫...it creates magic and impact.


When you use that passion as a compass you can create real change in this industry. 🧭


When you let your passion drive you, you can take the stage and create a career around your passion.

Motivation doesn’t have to be a struggle babes! You don’t have to be wondering what to do next to achieve your dreams, or if you can even achieve them at all.


The Find Your Niche, Find your Super Power is a course for ambitious esties who are ready to get clear on their goals and ready to create massive amounts of abundance and impact. 

This isn't a year for chasing or forcing, it's a year for alignment

This year, you are going to do something great. 

Not because you need it to happen.

Not because you're pushing so hard it will be forced to happen.

Not because you're chasing it with all your energy.

That is how most people THINK they will achieve their dreams.

And that's why most people never get there. 

This is a year for alignment. This is a year for joy and playfulness.

This is the year you sink into the knowledge that you already have everything

you desire, and it's just a matter of time before it gets here.

When you align yourself with success, and drop the

mindset of not having what you want...

That's when real success happens.

Love you babes. I am excited to see you get clarity

on your gifts and share them with the world in a BIG way!!


Here's what you will get:

Find Your Niche

Your passion is everything in this business. Find all the motivation you could ever need when you:

Get clear on your purpose and end goal as an esty.

Make the path to success simple.

Find the procedure that you love and double down on it.

  • Video Training

  • Inspiration on careers that are available with an esthetician licenses.

  • Workbook to gain clarity on your passion.

  • How to write a transformation statement that will attract people in your niche.