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What is the NIRA Skincare Laser?

The NIRA Skincare Laser is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for visible results at home and without pain or redness.

Using the same advanced laser technology as dermatologists, the NIRA Skincare laser stimulates natural collagen production to naturally renew skin and smooth wrinkles around the eyes.

NIRA targets wrinkles at the root, way deeper than topicals/creams penetrate.

NIRA's results are long-lasting

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eye, including “crow’s feet”

  • Patented, FDA-Cleared technology that’s clinically proven

  • Naturally renews skin by stimulating natural collagen production

  • Easy-to-use

  • Takes only 2 minutes per day

  • Real & lasting wrinkle reduction

  • Safe & effective for all ages

  • NO Pain, Redness, or Downtime (87% of users found NIRA enjoyable-to-use)

  • Safe for All Skin Types

  • Convenience At-Home

  • Made in the USA

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How do you use it?

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Step 1. Wash & Dry Face

  • Remove all makeup thoroughly.

  • Cleanse your skin with your preferred skin cleanser.

  • Dry your face completely before beginning treatment.

Step 2. Power On Device & Find Your Ideal Treatment Level

  • Turn on device by pressing the power button.

  • Press and release the power button to adjust the the power level. Set your NIRA laser to level 1(see below).

  • Place the device tip on the back of your hand to test strength. Press and release the treatment button with your thumb; you will hear a series of 2 beeps. The first beep indicates the laser has begun firing. The second beep indicates the laser finished firing for that one spot.

  • Repeat this process and continue to increase the power level until you have reached a power level where you will feel warmth without pain.

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Start Low and work up to a higher setting

Test each setting on the back of your hand first.

Power levels Low to High.png

Step 4. Treatment

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  • Using the chosen power level hold the device tip against the skin starting at the outer corner of your eye.

  • Press and release the treatment button while holding the device tip in place until you hear a series of 2 beeps approximately one second apart indicating that spot has been treated successfully.

  • Reposition the device so it is slightly overlapping the previous treatment spot. (See illustration for overlapping pattern) then press and release the treatment button again.

  • Following the 2-3 row pattern shown in the illustration, repeat this process for 40 pulses one one eye. Once 40 pulses successful pulses have been completed, you will hear a set of three fast-paced-jingle-like tones that indicate the treatment for that eye is complete.

  • Repeat this process for the opposite eye.

  • Power down the device by holding down the power button until the NIRA logo and power level lights turn off. NIRA will also power down after two minutes without use.

  • Continue with daily skincare regime.


Apply your favorite eye cream twice a day. Use the device 1 time a day according to the instructions for 90 days or more.

***You may use twice daily for

enhanced results.

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Statistical Data From Clinical Studies 

  • 99% of users found NIRA easy-to-use

  • 93% of users said their results met or exceeded their expectations

  • 90% of users would recommend NIRA to others

  • 89% of users would use NIRA daily

  • 87% of users enjoyed the treatment

  • 85% of users maintained wrinkle improvement for at least 3 months

  • 83% of users saw improvements in their skin

  • 69% of users saw 1-full wrinkle score reduction within 3 months 

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